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What is Advocacy?

The World Health Organization describes advocacy for health as a “combination of individual and social actions designed to gain political commitment, policy support, social acceptance and systems support for a particular health goal or program”. In other words, using your voice for a cause you believe in!

Why should Community Health Centers engage in Advocacy?


  • Community Health Centers can and should be part of the solution for challenges facing the health care system
  • Community Health Centers are one of the few things that still have bipartisan support
  • Many of the more than 26 million patients we serve would have nowhere else to go
  • Our network is 140,000 advocates strong

Health Center Advocacy Network The primary purpose of the Health Center Advocacy Network is to support and advance the Health Center Movement in order to address the needs of health center patients and the communities health centers serve. We welcome and offer these advocacy resources to serve two primary goals; to ensure sustained growth, consistent action and responsiveness across the Health Center Advocacy Network and to support health centers in securing resources in order to thrive and care for all those in need in our communities through advocacy. 
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